The leaning tower of Pisa

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

European Adventure 2011

    Bill and I had the opportunity last month to go on a trip where we went to London, then on tour of Italy... talk about dream come true! London was just how I had always imagined; Italy was even more beautiful than I ever dreamed.  Each day we had different experiences which made it seem like they were all different vacations all wrapped up into one.
    My favorite part of the experience was being the foreigner.  I was shopping in a mall in Venice where nobody knew English.   When I asked where the fitting room was, they looked at me like I was speaking parsel-tongue or something! I was totally amused!
  Uncle Rex let me borrow his old camera and tried to teach me how to use it (student error).  Anyhow, I took tons of pictures!  Take a look at them and see just what I mean about how beautiful the sites and scenery are.

July 10,2010